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This be stuff I actually *am* doing.

- This site for one. Just because it's done doesn't mean it's not final, 1.0 like quality. Everything here was a result of me learning PHP/SQL, so there's obviously optimization and other things I can do, especially in the download system.

- The download system is in the works. I'm working on the admin panel at the moment, since that has the main guts in it. The site's frontend for people actually downloading things is relatively easy, I eat SQL select statements for lunch. It may or may not be chocolate covered though >_>

- I also started a Wiki (mainly for my own to-get-done use) which is up over at It's not complete atm, as I still have more stuff to get added. Talk pages are open for editing, so you can feel free to toss in your 2¢ there.

This be stuff I (plan on) doing.

- I suppose I should mention I'm eventually going to attempt a forum system. There's no better way to learn a crazy amount of good PHP then to implement an extensible forum. Started as a random idea from Sage, I plan on taking it all the way. Much use of templates and OO programming shall ensue.

- The cleaner program still exists, seriously. It just needs a hellacious overhaul and such, since I know the code is like eek compared to my style now. May just convert it's code over to, but eh, that requires unlaziness. And I'd rather take a shot at a C++/Qt interface for something new.

- Some point, I'm going to put up some code samples. And not all from VB either. VB6 is getting old now in favor of .NET, so the site isn't going to focus entirely on VB now, but more spread out and covering samples of other languages, which hopefully will be useful to others, least I hope.

- Clone of Win 3.11's program manager...nuff said:P If you know old school OSes you know where I'm coming from.

If anyone's willing to mess around with programs I do in various OSes, drop me a line whenever I get the table back up and I'll add you back

(there used to be a pretty table here, but I took it down to redo it at some point)