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Win95/ 98 1st Ed. Users: Get VB6 Runtime   fm20.dll errors, click here

Random other things

Here we have a bunch of other random things I've done. Random code might just get its own section at some point, never know.

Metal Apple Logo w/ 'made with macs' text: Simple little package consisting of a text file with the HTML code and the image. Something you Mac addicts out there might find neat:P Ripped it off from the bottom of here a good while ago.

Title bar changing script: Javascript you can incorporate into your own page. Changes the title bar text dynamically on a timer. Open the script in Notepad for more info.

Real-Time Clock: Yet another Javascript you can use. This one adds a real-time clock wherever you put the given HTML code I put at the bottom of the file.

Trip Warping: This is actually another page, it's on a cool game glitch in the original 1993 version of Zelda: Link's Awakening. If you have the game (or the ROM, I have both), this is fun to play with. Various vids of stuff done with it on here. (Offsite link)

IRC Command list that also shows nick and channel registering commands, etc

Microsoft Program Alternatives for various types of programs. (Needs a major overhaul)

Quick spyware removal guide and links to downloads of mentioned programs. Use this page before sending me hijack logs.